ABOUT US

We are a mechanic workshop born in 1985 from the 50 years old experience of the owner, Cazzaniga Francesco, specialized in mechanical machining with milling machines 3 and 5 axis, with high precision grinding machine over metallic and non metallic parts, starting from a raw part or a fusion and going through every step to have the product finished product.

We maintain a middle-small work dimension, with 5 workers (3 specialized workers, 1 general worker, 1 2D-3D mechanic drawer) and an engineer for consulting.

We principally work onto pieces coming from the automobile industry, like cylinder heads (complete), crankcase, oil sumps, etc., but we can also work onto other industry fields (we work onto non-metallic casts) thanks to the flexible machinery at our disposal.

We internally produce elaboration kits for various competition cars, for the chassis (suspensions) and for the engine (aspiration group, Kugelfischer mechanical injection, cam shafts).

We can also work onto your own project or drawing.

In general, if you want to know if we are able or not to do a certain work it is enough to contact us through mail or by phone and we will give you an answer in a short time.

We don’t work onto big productions as we cannot sustain it.


Cazzaniga Francesco  - Motori da competizione - tel: (0039) 0525/1783001 - 0525/53525 - P.Iva 01500100340